Why choose auto darkening welding helmet for your welding work.

Why choose auto darkening welding helmet for your welding work.


Auto-darkening helmets eliminate the need to flip the helmet between welds. This

Why choose Auto Darkening Helmet (AD helmet) for your welding work?

Auto-darkening helmets eliminate the need to flip the helmet between welds. This

minimizes the neck strain that can develop when using a fixed-shade helmet over several

hours. It also means you can focus all your attention on controlling your torch and making

accurate, high-quality welds.

Which factors should to consider if you buy Auto Darkening Helmet?

1, Switch Speed: It indicates how long it takes the lens to darken once it senses the

arc. The faster the switching speed, the less fatigue on your eyeballs.Now most

auto-darkening welding helmets switch shades between 1/10,000 and 1/25,000 of a

second. Normally according to DIN standard, the switch speed 1/10000 is enough. This

factor is usually the customer’s priory consideration when buying the Auto Darkening

Helmet. Our company’s maximum speed can reach 1/25000.

The number of the Arc sensor can affect this speed. So, normally our helmet has four

sensors enable the helmet has better sensitivity, response and reliability in obstructed or

low amp applications.

2, Viewing Size: This is one of the major considerations in purchasing an auto-darkening

helmet and is where a large majority of the costs lie. The larger the viewing are, the more expensive

the helmet. Our helmet’s normal viewing size is 90x40mm. We also have other size available upon

customer’s request.

3, Solar Power and Battery Life: Auto-darkening helmets are usually designed with an

internal, non-replaceable battery and solar assist panel.There is also another choice is replaceable battery and solar assist which can offer a potential for a longer service life than the ones that are powered with non-replaceable batteries as they have a service life of 5 to 7 years.  Anyway, the cartridge with replaceable battery is more expensive than normal one.

4, Helmet Weight: With an auto-darkening welding helmet, most of its weight is from the filter

cartridge. A larger viewing area improves visibility but often adds weight. Weight is a major factor in

comfort, especially for professionals who wear helmets all day.

5, Some other factors: Such as Headgear is a big selling feature. If you are wearing the

helmet you want it to fit properly and be comfortable. Look at the number of adjustments the

headgear has such as the angle & position adjustments as well as the durability of it.Skin

Coverage refers to the amount of neck coverage that the helmet provides. Keeping your neck

protected from the ultraviolet and infrared rays is also very important.

Which kind standard and certificate for the Auto Darkening helmet

should meet or have? ANSI Z87.1-2003 or DIN 9-13 the normal standard the helmet should meet. And it is utmost necessary for the Chinese exporter to have the CE certificate to export this kind helmet! Our

company’s helmet usually meet the DIN or ANSI standard. And we have the CE certificate.

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